ICC 24


ICC 24 Motor Assessment [International Certificate of Competence] on your own Yacht

This is a direct assessment on your own vessel and issued as and ICC 10 or ICC 24 depending on the size of the motor vessel used. It is valid for 5 years

The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is a test of competence and provides the student with an internationally recognised qualification accepted in many but not all countries. The ICC is required for charterers and boat owners in Europe, where recognised certificates are increasingly required to confirm the skipper reaches an internationally agreed level of competence. Sometimes a higher certification such as Day Skipper or Yachtmaster will be requested especially for larger boats

Please note that to apply for an ICC issued in the UK, you must either live in the UK or one of the Countries not signed up to United Nations Resolution 40 https://unece.org/icc-resolution-no-40

Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

The assessment includes boat handling, safety and theory knowledge checks

For more information see  https://www.rya.org.uk/knowledge-advice/boating-abroad/icc/Pages/icc.aspx

Please note that this is not a training session but an examination. You should be a competent boat handler with knowledge of IRPCS to the level of RYA Dayskipper.

Please contact us if you would like training before taking this examination.

There is also an issue fee from the RYA of £47.00 if you are not an RYA Member




Please note that this is an assessment and not a training course.


Approx 3 hours

Additional information

The weather in Mallorca is generally ideal for boating, but please remember to bring sun cream and hats etc.

Also at certain times of the year, it can be quite cold on the water so you may need additional clothing.

Life jackets are provided for use during the course.

Please do not forget refreshments and


International Certificate of Competence

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