Own Boat Tuition


Own Boat Tuition – Training on your own Motor Yacht

Training on your own boat is often the best way for you to gain knowledge and certification.

Seawake offer own boat tuition anywhere in the world with our experienced instructors on motor yachts up to 24 metres.

Own boat tuition can used for full RYA certification courses or just to gain more confidence with some additional training.

It is often a great idea to train on your own boat with friends and family as handling motor yachts requires good crew communication and training with lines and fenders etc.

If you are looking for RYA Certification to Dayskipper level you need to allow for 4 days tuition in accordance with RYA guidelines and have a level of theory to Dayskipper level.

We can train up to 5 people but please contact us to discuss various options to ensure we plan the best training for you.

Own boat tuition is also a great option for gaining more confidence in some of the more difficult areas such as docking and anchoring, but can also include your yacht systems, maintenance and engine checks etc.

What is included on our courses:

  • Docking and coming along side in different marinas or weather conditions
  • Safety of Passengers and Crew
  • Anchoring and advanced Anchoring techniques.
  • Understanding your boat systems, Using up to date Navigation Multi Function Displays, Radar, Echo Sounder etc.
  • Planning longer trips and over night stops away from your home base.
  • Safety and communication equipment

Our instructor are experienced RYA Yachtmaster Offshore or Ocean with many years experience in all aspects of motor yachts.

Please contact us to to discuss your requirements




There are no prerequisite to own boat training, we can provide a training programme to meet your expectation.





Generally 0900 – 1800 but to suit your requirements

Additional information

The weather in Mallorca is generally ideal for boating, but please remember to bring sun cream and hats etc.

Also at certain times of the year, it can be quite cold on the water so you may need additional clothing.

Your boat must be safe and be fitted with the necessary equipment to comply with the Spanish Port Authority requirements,

Please do not forget refreshments and fluids.


RYA Powerboat Level 2

RYA Day Skipper Motor

RYA Coastal Skipper Motor


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If there are no courses scheduled or that suit your itinerary, please do get in touch and we will see if we can work something out.
Once you have booked your course you will also need to fill in our health declaration.

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