RYA Powerboat Level 2


Powerboat Level 2 is the most popular certification course and allows you to drive and rent boats up to 10 metres.


It assumes no previous experience and is run over 2 days a Port Calanova just outside Palma

Unlike other schools, we operate a fully coded 7m Humber Rib with full electronics, GPS chart plotter, radar and fish finder sonar and AIS identification. This allows us to gain so much more from the course when compared to other boats that have no electric aid.

If you are thinking of working in the yachting industry, then Powerboat Level 2 is almost a prerequisite. You could also look at training to be a Competent Deckhand [Click Here]

RYA powerboat Level 2 is a course primarily for those using small powered craft such as RIBs, dories and sportsboats that don’t generally undertake long or offshore passages.

The types of commercial craft requiring this level certification are typically: charter fishing boats, small passenger launches, thrill ride operators, harbour patrol launches, construction site safety boats etc.

If you will be using larger boats with accommodation and the capacity to cruise or work further offshore you are likely to need a certificate within the motor cruising programme such as Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster Offshore.

If you need a Level 2 Powerboat Handling certificate in order to work on a commercial craft subject to the MCA’s codes of practice, you will need to get it commercially endorsed. You can then work on commercial vessels up to 24m in length, operating in category 6 waters – that is up to 3 miles from a nominated departure point in fine weather and daylight hours.


What is covered on your Powerboat Level 2 Course:

The course is a very practical course with most of the time spent boat handling on the water but there is some theory sections that need to be covered:

Safety equipment onboard

Pre departure checks

Weather and tides

Charts, navigation and understanding your local area

Berthing in marinas, mooring on buoys and close quarter handling

High speed manoeuvres and crew safety

Person over-board recovery and prevention

Planning and executing a trip using electronic and paper charts

Collision regulations

Day shapes, night lights and buoyage


The course is run over 2 days with a maximum of 3 students allowing lots of time for practice.



How long is the Certificate valid?

Your Powerboat Level 2 will be registered with the RYA so the is always a record, you do not need to renew or revalidate you Certificate

Can I hire a boat using the Certificate?

Your Powerboat Level 2 is recognised worldwide and is valid recreationally in almost every country

What type of boats can I drive?

The Powerboat Level 2 allows you to drive a powerboat up to 10 metres long without any engine size restrictions. You can also drive a twin engine boat. The Powerboat Level 2 has a restriction of day time use and 3 miles from a safe haven.

What are my next options:


Once you have completed your Powerboat Level 2 there are other courses that you can take to gain more experience.

If you work in the Yachting industry then RYA Tender Operator gives you additional experience with handling guests, night time use and pilotage.

Advanced Powerboat is another great option for advancing your knowledge and requires a high level of theory to Yachtmaster Offshore standard.

In addition you could consider the RYA Day Skipper Certificate that allows you to drive motor yachts up to 24 metres.

For more information or advice please email us at info@seawake.es or call us on whatsapp +44 7810 110110 or locally on +34 682 873 184




No previous experience is necessary.

However, if you are experienced in handing powerboats, why not consider the Direct Assessment route which allows one of our instructors to carry out an Assessment over three to four hours on board. Contact us for more information.


This is a two day course run from 0930 to 1700 on both days

Additional information

The weather in Mallorca is generally ideal for boating, but please remember to bring sun cream and hats etc.

Also at certain times of the year, it can be quite cold on the water so you may need additional clothing.

Life jackets are provided for use during the course.

Please do not forget refreshments and fluids.


RYA Certificate Power Boat Level 2

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