Fliteboard Mallorca

By : Steve Bell

Are e-foils becoming the latest new toy in Yachting?

Electric foiling or Fliteboarding is fast becoming the latest must have water sport toy in Mallorca with the ability to learn to foil in just a few hours.

Anyone with the ability to paddle board, surf, wakeboard or snowboard should become proficient in Fliteboarding in just an hour or so.

The popularity of Fliteboarding has grown year on year and the freedom of flying above the water can only be compared to riding a magic carpet, once you start to foil or fly, you enter a near silent world above the water.

Fliteboarding is suitable for most age groups with a range of boards and wing configurations that suit a beginner to a seasoned pro who wants to surf the waves.

The concept was developed from wind foiling by adding a powerful electric motor, lithium battery and hand controller.

Learning to fly safely involves attending an Authorised Flite School with trained instructor to learn how to operate safely. Progress from lying on your Fliteboard to gradually kneeling and then learning to fly for just a few seconds maybe just 10 cm above the water to get used to controlling the board once you start to foil.

As you master the art of foiling, you can gradually increase you foiling time and feel how to control your board.

Once you can master the art of foiling you can enjoy standing on your board and extending your foiling time and distance.

Fliteboards are capable of up to 40 km/h and with the battery lasting up to 2 hours you have ample time to explore your local waters.

As you progress, Fliteboard have developed a range of carbon fibre wings and performance accessories that will make your board more responsive and manoeuvrable, all these wings and accessories are interchangeable allowing just one board to be used by many different abilities.

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