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RYA PWC Super Yacht Recognised Training Centre

Operating PWC/Jet Skis from a Charter Yacht in Foreign Port State Waters

RYA PWC Super Yacht RTC Consultancy

To operate PWC [Personal Watercraft] or Jet ski’s legally in most  waters, every charter guest intending to use a PWC will need to show a license or certificate to the authorities that they are safe and competent. 

As many charter guests are unlikely to have a PWC or Jet ski license or certification the RYA have set up a program to allow Super Yachts to become RYA Registered Training Centres [RTC] and provide an RYA PWC Safety Certificate for use whilst on board the charter vessel. 

At Seawake, using our experience as a RYA PWC recognised training centre, we are ideally suited in Mallorca to work with Super Yacht owners/operators to provide you with the step-by-step process to gain this recognition.
By being based in Palma, Mallorca, we do not rely on virtual meetings and online assessments but are able to physically help you with ensuring your yacht is prepared to deliver the RYA PWC recognition.

Once your Yacht become a RYA PWC Recognised Training Centre you and your designated RYA PWC instructor[s] are able to offer the RYA PWC Safety Certificate that allows your guest to use your yachts PWC/Jet skis within the guidelines set out in your Operating Procedures.

In addition to providing PWC Training and Consultancy, we are also able to offer the following course to your crew: 

[Note that if your crew are operating in the hours of darkness, they will need either RYA Super Yacht Tender Operator or the RYA Advanced Power Boat Certification as RYA Power Boat Level 2 does not cover night-time operation.

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The Steps to RYA Recognition:

RYA PWC Super Yacht RTC Consultancy

Contact us to discuss your requirements, we can then visit you to discuss a plan of action. 

Onboard discussion on what is involved in setting up an RYA RTC on your vessel. 

Expression of Interest submitted to the RYA 

Review RYA training notes for Training Centres 

Create PWC Standard Operating Procedure and Safety Manual 

On Board Equipment Check [Safety and Operational]

Train Crew as RYA PWC Instructor[s]

Submit RYA Recognition Forms to the RYA 

RYA inspection carried out [either physically or virtually] to review paperwork and safety equipment

Subject to passing the Inspection, RYA Grants Recognition and you are able to operate as a RYA RTC. The inspection is required annually.

Why use Seawake Mallorca to guide you through this process?

RYA PWC Super Yacht RTC Consultancy  

  • Seawake are physically present in Mallorca to visit your Yacht and advise you face to face rather than online. We are ideally suited to allow you to achieve your RYA PWC Super Yacht RTC recognition.
  • We are an RYA Recognised PWC Training Centre based in Calanova, 3 km from Palma with experienced PWC and Power Boat Instructors.
  • Preparation of PWC Operating Procedure and Safety Manual specific to your Yacht and based around your operation.
  • Preparation of Major Incident Policy and Emergency Action Plan.
  • Creation of all necessary Operational Documentation needed to run your RYA PWC Super Yacht RTC.
  • Check list and records for Tender and PWC’s.
  • Preparation on PWC Safety Certificate course plan.


RYA PWC Super Yacht RTC Consultancy

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